How to keep your house safe

How to keep your house safe

Most people live for the sense of enjoyment, and a fulfilling sensation that they are loved and cared about by others. Couple this with a successful career and a good amount of money, and you have the perfect combination for some great living standards. However, the one point that is a lot more important than the things mentioned above is security. Security comes before everything else. You should be investing a good amount of resources and time into making sure that your life and the lives of your loved ones are safe and sound. Once you’re safe, that gives more room for every other luxury and enjoyment that you can think of. Without security, there will always be a constant fear of the looming threat of a robbery or theft, which can easily lead to the loss of more than material wealth.

You need to know how to make your home safe, however, and for that, you need some advice on how you should go about this business. This article assumes that the reader is a medium earning person, so suggestions that are too expensive will be ignored on the whole. We’ll be talking about home security options that are affordable for the majority of the populace reading the article.

Talk to your children

This step costs absolutely no money at all. It will, however, cost you some patience and time in order to implement. If you do have children living in the house, this step should be considered paramount. There is no way your house will be secure if your children have no clue about security. Have them sit down, and explain the risks of leaving the door or windows open all the time. Tell them about a few stories about people who got careless and were in turn made to pay for their carelessness. Don’t go too deep into the dark stuff, but make sure that your children grasp the seriousness of this issue, and are more responsible when it comes to these matters.

Live in a secure location

When you’re deciding where you’re going to be living, you should definitely make sure you get a house in an area where the crime rate is low in comparison to the neighboring locations. This is something that a lot of people forget to do, or are ignorant of the fact that they can check whenever they want as to how secure a location is. You can always do some quick research which will let you know immediately if a place is worth living in. If a location seems too unsafe, you should try to avoid it. Even if the rent is low in those areas with high crime rates, living there is a bad investment and should be avoided at all costs.

You can get some home security system for extra security of your home too. This is quite recommended as those companies can make a good difference to your life.

How to pick the perfect house

How to pick the perfect house

This question is asked by literally every person looking to buy or rent a house. Everyone that needs a new place to live in is trying to find the perfect place to live in which matches their budget requirements and also accommodates them in such a way that they can live free of worries and problems for many years to come.

The sad truth is that there is no such thing as the perfect house to live in. Perhaps there may be a handful of houses in the world that are downright perfect in every aspect, but they are either extremely rare, or come at a price so hefty that most of us aren’t able to afford them.

However, there do exist houses that are very suitable for your needs. The word perfect is a very subjective term, but if your definition of perfect is a house that has its pros and cons, but the pros far outweigh the cons, then you may just find the perfect house for yourself. It will require a little bit of patience from your side, but with time, you’ll find the perfect house for yourself without a doubt.

Let’s talk about some traits that some houses have which make them much better options than their competitors. If you keep these in mind when searching for a house to live in, chances are that you’ll find a building that you’ll approve of.

The owner matters

This has absolutely nothing to do with the house itself, which is why this point gets overlooked so much. You need to make sure that the landlord of the house is someone that you agree with and is an overall likeable person. If the landlord doesn’t seem like a good person, you need to let the house go, no matter how beautiful it may look. Getting into a house owned by someone that is unreasonable and unresponsive will end up with you having constant migraines regarding the house. The will have you constantly worried about the home maintenance, and this will cause more problems than you could anticipate before moving into the house. If the home owner seems like a good person, then you should definitely move into the house if it seems good enough.

Make sure it’s sun facing

You need to make sure that the house you’re looking at isn’t at a right angle with the sun. If this is the case, you won’t have much sunlight pouring into your house. This can be really troublesome if you live in an area which has cold weather in general. Even if the winters alone are very cold, you should still try and get a house which is facing the sun to ensure that your house stays somewhat warm during the cold. You can ignore this part if you’re living in an area which has warm weather all year around. In fact, you might want to get the opposite if that’s your case.

How to deal with a horrible roommate

How to deal with a horrible roommate

If you’ve never had an experience with a horrible roommate, then you should consider yourself to be a lucky person. Those who have dealt with such people know the pain of dealing with someone who cannot be reasoned with whatsoever. Such people should never really have a roommate to live with, but somehow end up with normal people as roommates who they then continue to irritate and torment till they move out eventually. Dealing with such people is not always a possibility, but let’s talk about how the damage can be minimized and how you can get out of the sticky situation with as little trauma as you possibly can.

How to not end up with a horrible roommate

You can avoid the entire problem by eliminating it before it even begins. However, it isn’t always possible to identify a person if they’re a downright crazy person. They might be good at pretending to be normal, just to get you to share the rent of the apartment that you’re living in. Once they move in, they begin showing their true colors and begin making your life miserable. However, if you do happen to catch unpleasant behavior from the person, then you know that you should drop their case immediately. And by unpleasant behavior, a general sense of the lack of respect is being considered. Being angry is a legitimate human trait, and you shouldn’t kick someone off your list just because they were upset at something legitimate.

Don’t retaliate

If you slowly realize that the person that is your roommate is someone that is being very unpleasant towards you, then there is one thing that should never do. You should never, under any circumstances, retaliate with behavior similar to theirs. This will do nothing for the better, and will make things a lot worse.

Most of the time, horrible roommates won’t really realize that they are the ones at fault, and once you’ve reacted to them in a negative manner, they’ll make themselves to be the victim and then start taking revenge on you. This is not the direction you want your relationship to go in, and you’ll be a lot better off just ignoring everything they do.

Talk to a friend

This doesn’t do much on the whole, but will definitely help to keep you sane while you look for a different place to live. Make sure you don’t ask the roommate to move out because they most likely won’t.  Instead, they’ll start making things worse for you. Just ignore them until you can find something better for yourself.

Move out

This is the one thing that you can do in order to deal with a horrible roommate. You need to move out and find yourself a better place to live in as soon as you possibly can. There isn’t much else that you can do in order to deal with the situation.

Why are Housing Prices Around the World so Different

Why are Housing Prices Around the World so Different

Everywhere we go the cost of housing goes up and down. Why is this you ask? Believe it or not, there are several very logical reasons for these price differences. In terms of inside the same country, price differences are simply a result of the area; when it comes to the differences between countries, however, there are a number of factors. Here are a few of them to help shed some light on this.


The Worth of the Country’s Currency

You all know that different countries have different currencies and that each currency has a specific worth per unit. The U.S. dollar, for example, is worth around 8 times more than the Chinese RMB; but the Chinese RMB is worth 7 times more than the Philippine Peso. You would think then, that the prices of housing would differ by the same figure for each country, right? A fair assessment, but that is not always correct. You see, due to the differences in value for each currency, even if you have the same value of money in that currency, it is still worth less in the long run. For example, the worth of one U.S. dollar in the United States will only get you a few candies or something. If you have the same worth in Chinese RMB, which is 8 RMB, you can almost buy yourself a full meal. So even though the two currency amounts equal the same value, the value of the U.S. dollar is still higher. This is one of the factors that cause some countries to have cheaper housing prices. So, if you wish to buy a cheap house, move somewhere that has a very low currency value!

Cost of Living Differs

housing complexDepending on what country you live in the average monthly work pay and cost of living tend to change. More often than not the two balance each other out. For example, in New Zealand, minimum wage is the equivalent of 20 U.S. dollars per hour, but the cost of living can go anywhere from 300-1000 dollars, depending on your lifestyle. In Hong Kong, there are people who will be paid anything as low as 3 U.S. dollars per hour; however, the cost of living in Hong Kong can go as low as 50 U.S. dollars if you know where to look. So if you have a job in New Zealand that you’re capable of doing from Hong Kong, maybe you should consider that. You could save yourself a ton of money!


Prices Adapt to What People can Afford

Property owners in various countries have no choice but to adapt their prices based on what the general population can afford. If property owners in India tried to sell their houses at the same prices as the U.S. not many would be able to afford it. This ties in somewhat with the cost of living. Because the cost of living is so low in places like India, Philippines, etc., the wages for an hour of work are also low. Due to these coinciding factors, properties also adjust their prices based on the prices of the things around them