Buying Furniture for Your Home

Buying Furniture for Your Home

Is your house lacking furniture? Perhaps you’d be happy with a nice, soft couch? Maybe you would love to have a gorgeous matching coffee table to sit in front of it? And of course you absolutely MUST have the perfect bed so you can relax and let your muscles have their breathing space! These things are essential for any home. There are plenty of furnishings that you could buy; but how do you know where to buy them?

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Never Order Purely Online!

Online shopping is one of the most popular forms of shopping in this modern day. How awesome is it to be able to do all your shopping sitting down?! However, online shopping comes with risks. You may think you have found the perfect dining table and chairs set; but when it actually arrives you have problems. It’s too small; it isn’t high enough; the wood feels frail. Don’t get me wrong, shopping online is great; but you need to be smart about it. If you’re going to purchase something online, you must have one of two options available. The first option is that you purchase the furniture from a nearby store and request that you go and inspect it first before they send it to you. This way you can avoid purchasing anything that isn’t up to your quality standards. The other option you could use is buying a furniture piece that has a money back guarantee. This way if you dislike it in any way, all you have to do is tell them to come get it back and return your money. Personally, the first option is more convenient, but the choice is yours of course.

Ask Your Friends

table and chairsI can just about guarantee you that you will have several friends at least who have already purchased furniture from just about every nearby furniture store. Ask around and find out what their favourite stores are and which things they bought from there. You don’t need to buy the exact same piece as them, of course; you should decorate your house the way you like it. This is more to help you narrow down your options of where to go and what to buy. Just because your friends like something doesn’t mean you will, but it may help you determine which places have good quality furnishings.

Weigh Out Your Options and Pick what YOU Want

Once you’ve gone around town looking for the furnishings you want for your house all you have to do is make some choices. You don’t have to buy all your furnishings from a single store, so pick your favourite from each place and then make a mental list of each item. After doing this, simply narrow down your mental list until you and whoever else lives with you, if anyone, can agree on a single item for each type of furniture. After that comes the best part; purchasing your furnishing, having them delivered, and setting them up through your house until everything is just how you dreamed it would be!

Negotiating a Good Rental Deal with Your Landlord

Negotiating a Good Rental Deal with Your Landlord

Renting sounds complicated and annoying, but it really is an easy and convenient process. The only difficult thing about renting is finding a good rental deal from an honest landlord. Many landlords are good people, but there is always the occasional one that is just trying to rip all your money away! So how does one negotiate a good rental deal? Good question! Read on to find out!

Compare Prices

The first and most obvious thing to work out is the cost of the house you plan to rent. More than likely your potential landlord will have already given you an estimated monthly cost for their house. You need to check three basic things in order to determine whether or not their price is good; quality, quantity, and size. If the quality of the house is good, meaning nothing is broken or damaged in any way, this factor can be ignored for now. The quantity of the house is referring to the provided appliances and furnishings. If your landlord tries to charge you the same rates as most other rentals in that area but isn’t providing your with any furnishings, you need to negotiate a decrease in monthly cost. If he refuses to lower the cost, either you need to convince them to supply essential furnishings or move on to anyone rental house. The final thing to check for is size. Based on the size of the property, most importantly the size of the house itself, the landlord’s rental fees should be adjusted accordingly. Do your best to find out the average prices for other rentals in the area and then use those to negotiate the honest price for what the landlord is offering you.

Make Sure Your Contract is Fair

Money is only half the issue here. Once you have come to terms with the monthly fee, you need to start working on the contract itself. In most contracts, the landlord will specify that any appliance or object owned by them that is damaged by the tenants should be repaired or replaced by the tenants; however, any appliance that breaks from careful use should be repaired or replaced by the landlord. If you use the landlord’s washing machine and it decides to sputter and die right in front of you, the contract should give you the right to request the landlord to pay for the repairs. On the other hand, if your child decides to put a wrench inside it or cut the wires with some scissors they found, the contract should specify that you will be replacing or repairing it. These are reasonable terms. If for some reason your landlord has not specified these in the contract, do NOT sign it until they do. If you sign a contract without these specifications in it, your landlord would legally be able to force you to repair any damaged item in the house! Once you’re confident that the contract is accurate and honest, you can sign it and prepare to move into your new home!