How to deal with a horrible roommate

How to deal with a horrible roommate

If you’ve never had an experience with a horrible roommate, then you should consider yourself to be a lucky person. Those who have dealt with such people know the pain of dealing with someone who cannot be reasoned with whatsoever. Such people should never really have a roommate to live with, but somehow end up with normal people as roommates who they then continue to irritate and torment till they move out eventually. Dealing with such people is not always a possibility, but let’s talk about how the damage can be minimized and how you can get out of the sticky situation with as little trauma as you possibly can.

How to not end up with a horrible roommate

You can avoid the entire problem by eliminating it before it even begins. However, it isn’t always possible to identify a person if they’re a downright crazy person. They might be good at pretending to be normal, just to get you to share the rent of the apartment that you’re living in. Once they move in, they begin showing their true colors and begin making your life miserable. However, if you do happen to catch unpleasant behavior from the person, then you know that you should drop their case immediately. And by unpleasant behavior, a general sense of the lack of respect is being considered. Being angry is a legitimate human trait, and you shouldn’t kick someone off your list just because they were upset at something legitimate.

Don’t retaliate

If you slowly realize that the person that is your roommate is someone that is being very unpleasant towards you, then there is one thing that should never do. You should never, under any circumstances, retaliate with behavior similar to theirs. This will do nothing for the better, and will make things a lot worse.

Most of the time, horrible roommates won’t really realize that they are the ones at fault, and once you’ve reacted to them in a negative manner, they’ll make themselves to be the victim and then start taking revenge on you. This is not the direction you want your relationship to go in, and you’ll be a lot better off just ignoring everything they do.

Talk to a friend

This doesn’t do much on the whole, but will definitely help to keep you sane while you look for a different place to live. Make sure you don’t ask the roommate to move out because they most likely won’t.  Instead, they’ll start making things worse for you. Just ignore them until you can find something better for yourself.

Move out

This is the one thing that you can do in order to deal with a horrible roommate. You need to move out and find yourself a better place to live in as soon as you possibly can. There isn’t much else that you can do in order to deal with the situation.

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